System requirements


Letswave 7 runs on Matlab under Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux or Unix. The current version supports Matlab 2008a and later version. The version later than Matlab 2014b is recommended. The use of Letswave 7 depends on Matlab toolbox of

  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Wavelet Toolbox
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox for the corresponding function of filtering, wavelet transform and statistic analysis.


The hardware requirements depends on the size of datasets and the task you want to do. It is recommended to run Letswave7 with 64-bit processor, 8GB RAM and 1GB hard drive space available at least.

For special task, like continues wavelet transform or STFT per channel and per epoch, it is easy to lead to the “out of memory” error. It is suggest to select less channels or down sampling for these tasks.

Supported data formats

Letswave 7 is using the Fieldtrip plugin fileio for data import. Currently, it supports the following data formats:

  • ANT Neuro, eeprobe/cnt-rif
  • NeuroScan
  • Biosemi BDF
  • BrainVision
  • Electrical Geodesics, Inc. (EGI)
  • Generic standard formats

Alternatively, you can also import data as Matlab MAT files. If you are unable to import your data format, submit an issue here.